Coofdy Labs is the umbrella label for the homeschooling and development team of Martin Kenny (Marty) and Michael Kenny.

Michael's anxiety and Asperger's Syndrome made regular school an untenable proposition, so now Marty helps Michael learn at home.

Together, they explore the intersection of games and technology, and try to gain an understanding of the world around them.


Marty has been playing around with electronics for more that 40 years, and programming computers since 1977. When he's not working with Michael, he can be found keeping up with RSS on his iPhone, long-form reading on his iPad, coding on his Mac, or taking photos.

You can follow Marty on Twitter at @coofdy, see his photography on Flickr, and read his blog at mek.io.


Michael loves playing games. But more than playing games, he loves configuring gameplay environments: tweaking GPU settings, experimenting with the latest game-streaming technologies, and syncing progress between platforms. When not hampered by a crippling pefectionism, he takes cool photos and has been known to do excellent illustrations.

You can follow Michael on Twitter at @MichaelMKenny, and see his photography on Flickr.


Marty and Michael live in Adelaide, South Australia, with Theen Moy (wife, and mother, respectively), and two cats.

You can follow Theen on Flickr.